Available only at in-person events, or already sold. (Shipping costs or packaging issues make most of these items not very practical for online sale.)

Acutus primus

Acutus amantes

Acutus secundus

Acutus tertius

Acutus quartus

Aquus marbulus

Aranea acera

no longer available

Aranea canaldulensis

no longer available

Aranea ceresia

Aranea flavicorde

no longer available

Aranea ilex

no longer available

Aranea padaukus

no longer available

Aranea pheasantus

Bugulus primus

no longer available

Bugulus secundus

Bugulus tertius

no longer available

Carapus primus

no longer available

Carapus secundus

Chaetaeus flavipadaukus

Chordata ceresipadaukus

Chordata flavipadaukus

no longer available

Chordata padaukus

Chordata sanguinus

Crestus primus

Crestus secundus

Dinoslugulus primus

Dinoslugulus cedrus

Dinoslugulus juglans

Dinoslugulus pistachus

Dinoslugulus myrtus

Echinogrubulus primus

no longer available

Echinogrubulus secundus

Gastroceratus primus

Gastroceratus secundus

Gastropodus geminilimbus

Gastropodus geminipadaukus

Gastropodus geminiprimus

Gastropodus querciprimus

Gastropodus quercisecundus

Gastropodus quercitertius

Grabulus acera

Grabulus acerasec

Grabulus acerratus

Grabulus africanusresina

Grabulus canaldulensis

Grabulus cariosus

Grabulus malleebrunneus

Grabulus malleeruba

Grabulus malleerubasec

Grabulus olivius

no longer available

Grabulus purpureus

no longer available

Grabulus shedua

Grabulus thuya

Grabulus turbulentacera

Infestus domesticus

Larvulus aceraprimus

Larvulus flavisanguinus

Larvulus sanguinusprimus

Lepisma flavisanguinus

Lepisma limbus

Lepisma populacariosus

no longer available

Medusa flavisanguinus

Medusa padaukacera

no longer available

Medusa padaukus

Medusa populacariosus

Medusa turbulentacera

Myriatus aceraprimus

Myriatus cerasuspurpucorde

Myriatus flavicorde

Myriatus juglansprimus

Myriatus purpuflavicorde

Myriatus querciprimus

no longer available

Myriatus quercisecundus

no longer available

Myriatus sanguinusprimus

Myriatus tigrisprimus

Pikaia acerajuglans

Pikaia flavipurpucorde

Pikaia populacariosus

no longer available

Pinnispinus primus

no longer available

Proboscis primus

Proboscis secundus

Punctus primus

no longer available

Punctus quartus

Punctus secundus

Punctus setriumprimus

no longer available

Punctus setriumsecundus

no longer available

Punctus tertius

Segmentus primus

Spinocaudia aceraprimus

Spinocaudia acerasecundus

no longer available

Spinocaudia juniperus

no longer available

Spinocaudia sindora

Spinoslenderus primus

no longer available

Squipulus cedraprimus

Squipulus cedrasecundus

Vespa primus

Any resemblance to creatures from movies, books, or other artists' works are purely coincidental.